life in pictures, dream big.

life. richard wisker. music. new york. justin bieber. london. photography. janoskians. festivals. alcohol. the brooks twin's. sleeping. bands. fun. late nights. summer. california. los angeles. that boy. parties. rita ora. cinema. anxiety. boy best friends. my bitches. weekends. high heels. fashion. jewellery. twitter. eating out. laughing. family. friends. movies. one direction. crying. photos. those unforgettable moments. beyonce. nail polish. those late night chats. kisses. smelling nice. bags. youtubers. cute things. jealousy. star-signs. piercings. shoes. dreams. handholding. tattoos. rudimental. disneyland. jai brooks. concerts. make up. long hair. tea. cuddles. memories. smile
twitter: sophiee04
instagram: sophiemallyon
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